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Course Descriptions

Introductory Spanish
A splash of greetings, pronunciation, useful questions and phrases and vocabulary
4 hours

Beginner Spanish 1
Pronunciation, adjective/article agreement, present tense, lots of vocabulary, adjectives with SER/ESTAR, 8 essential verbs
10 hours

Beginner Spanish 2
Pronunciation, present tense, more vocabulary, 8 essential verb pairings, direct/indirect object pronouns, saber/conocer, possessive adjectives
10 hours

Intermediate Spanish 1
Present/past tenses, reflexive verbs, stem-changing verbs, por/para, demonstrative adjectives, comparatives/superlatives, more vocabulary. Only Spanish is spoken.
10 hours

Intermediate Spanish 2
Preterit and imperfect, commands, future/conditional, present perfect, more vocabulary. Only Spanish is spoken.
10 hours

Intermediate/Advanced Grammar & Discussion
Advanced grammar topics mixed with diverse reading assignments and class discussions. Only Spanish is spoken.
10 hours
(Take with Int/Adv Grammar and receive a 20% discount)