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Spanish for Farmers

With Washington experiencing a quickly growing Hispanic population, the landscaping, farming and nursery professions are experiencing significant changes in how they communicate with their employees and customers.

Salud will help you create a safer and more productive workplace with effective language and safety training, as well as translation and interpreting services.

Spanish for Farmers Workshops

A basic understanding of the Spanish language is beneficial for anyone in the nursery, landscaping and farming business. Besides language skills, you will also learn important cultural elements within Spanish-speaking countries, helping you handle diversity issues, thus creating a happier, more productive work environment.

English for Farmers Workshops

English language training, covering the same topics found in the Spanish program, will help employees integrate more fully into the workforce, thus becoming more productive and safer at work. Classes may be divided by levels, as well as fields of work.

Language training topics

• Pronunciation
• Conversational phrases
• Numbers, dates, times
• Directions
• Safety issues
• Industry-specific phrases and vocabulary